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How can coworking spaces help you strike a perfect work-life balance?

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, work-life boundaries have been ignored by a lot of companies, and the DND rule post 7 pm seems to have withered away. Employees have been juggling between home and work, every day on the verge of smashing their laptops with a sledgehammer. Even after dedicating their eyes to 11 hours’ worth of screen time, there still are phone meetings and conferences to attend.

Are you among those employees that are having a hard time differentiating between ‘work from home’ and ‘relaxing at home’? Well, you need a shift. Not a shift in your work schedule, but a shift in your place of work. Remember, beds are for sleeping, sofas are for binge-watching, and dining tables are for dining. What you need is a space away from home to re-energize your spirits and bring back the lost productivity. You can only achieve the 9 to 5 rule if you aim to religiously stick to it. If your question is ‘how’, then you’ve hit the right window.

You need a coworking space.

Why are coworking spaces getting so popular?

It is the dynamic nature of coworking spaces that has popularized the coworking culture. If you have never experienced working in a coworking space, then let us give you an overview. The moment you enter, you will be greeted by a receptionist and freshly brewed coffee. What you’ll get exposed to is a new set of people, which will act as the motivating factor for you.

Working at a coworking space will not only help you stick to your 9 to 5 routine but will equip you with the energy to fulfill your tasks, instead of losing those in the web of mail trails. Nothing will come out of staring at your screens at home! If you are looking for some work motivation, you need a coworking space.

Innovation calls for better connectivity

Collaborations are not always as smooth as we expect them to be. Innumerable google slides and zoom calls only mess up the mind. With the world changing at the blink of an eye, confinement is acting as a roadblock for creative collaborations. In such cases, better connectivity is the key.

It is important to understand that not only has the pandemic disrupted the wellbeing of people, but it has also disturbed work cultures at large. There was a day when you used to crave a WFH, but now, we know what you desire.

A coworking space initiates community building that fosters the development of professionals among themselves by bringing people under one roof. You never know, the person sitting right next to you can be a potential client! Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, you must stay in touch with your surroundings in order to perform better contribute to innovation and change.

To sum up, happiness can be achieved when you can breathe productivity at work, only to come home, relax, and spend time with your loved ones.

So, if you are struggling with your work routines, it is time you book a space at a coworking place near your home.

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