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Kolkata is the commercial hub of India. Work and grow while being surrounded by professionals in our co-working spaces.


Noida is a global leader in software development. Our coworking spaces are designed to inspire creativity.


Siliguri serves as an international trade hub for entrepreneurs. Be a part of our coworking spaces.


Work Space Built Around Life!

Akasa is a co-working space where entrepreneurship, imagination, productivity, and rapid prototyping consistently thrive. To create a holistic working spirit Akasa is inspired by the life and natural elements:


The passion to work and create is shared by all Akasa co-workers.


Giving our community a peaceful and calm environment to work in.


Our commitment to community and workspace development will always be high.


Giving our community a peaceful and calm environment to remain joyful, free, and imaginative to create, work, and innovate.

Our Offerings

We strongly believe in the concept of ‘grow and flourish together’. Hence, we have raised a community-driven co-working space that creates a perfect environment for you to work together and interact with other businesses as well.

The perfect environment to work, create and collaborate with zero unnecessary distractions.

Co-ordinate with your team to build on your projects and build team relationships through consistent meetings

Find the perfect space to inculcate growth within your organization and yourself.


Why Akasa?

We don’t build conventional offices, we create and nurture long-term relationships between you and your workspace. Our co-working spaces revolve around four elements of life; Fire, Water, Earth & Air.



Meeting Rooms

Filtered Air

High Speed Wi-Fi

24 Hours Security

Services Offered by Akasa

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Dedicated Desk

Akasa co-workers are provided a dedicated desk. We ensure every co-worker gets their own space to work in comfort and a sense that it is their own space where they can dive into their work.

Private Office

We also have private offices for people who want utmost privacy with utmost silence. Akasa private offices ensure space for total privacy and quiet focus for co-workers who need it.

Custom Office

Akasa also ensures your team has a workspace that ensure proper workflow. Optimize the workspace for you and your team’s needs and get comfortable working at a workspace you’ll fall in love with.

Hot Desk

With a constant hot desk ready to answer any queries and solve any problems within the workspace, Akasa makes sure your workflow has zero obstacles.



Our Clients


To relocate our Kolkata office, we evacuated several options and Akasa was one of them. When I visited Akasa for the first time, I immediately felt like I’m entering another Mitsubishi Corp office located in most major cities of the world. This is because of the ideal location, secure access control, sober colour combination, well designed layout, ergonomic and functional furniture, latest tele communication tools, fully equipped conference rooms, cafeteria etc. Additionally the Management staff and service staff too are extremely courteous and professional. Thanks
Girish Naik
Mitsubishi Corporation India Pvt Ltd
When I came to see the place, I never knew what this place is offering me is an amazingly homely experience and I'm glad I came to Akasa. This is more than just a co-working place. It's like you are at your own office working with your own personal business cards. I'm impressed totally.
Mahua Chakraborty
Optwise Vision Private Limited