covid 19

We are prepared to fight Covid19. Are you?

The Covid19 pandemic has terrified the entire world within a span of mere few months. We were confined inside our homes for so many days, disrupting the balance of our personal and professional lives. Considering the safety and wellbeing of our members, we kept our coworking centers shut, following the guidelines from the government. As we are on the verge of opening our centers back again, we are all set to put the best of our efforts into fighting the virus and ensure safe and sanitized workspace solutions for our members.

What are the measures taken by us

Considering that we operate out of PS Srijan Corporate Park, which is known to be a Grade “A” building at the heart of Salt Lake Sector V, there are various measures taken by the building management. To mention few of them:

Sanitization Tunnels

PS Srijan Corporate Park has installed Sanitization Tunnels which sprays a non toxic sanitizing solution to all the visitors or members entering the premise. While you just walk into the building, you are sanitized from head to toe without even requiring a make a stop. The spray is very effective in killing the harmful virus while considering that there is no damage done to the skin, clothes or your belongings.​

Constant Sanitization of the premises

The building management is very effectively sanitizing all the cuts and corners inside the building premise to ensure utmost safety of the occupants. Sanitizers are being used while floors are being mopped, gates are wet wiped, handling your receivables or while letting you in.​

Elevator Management

There are liftmen inside the elevators to ensure that social distancing is being followed and you do not have to touch the elevator buttons. ​

Parking Management

The building management is ensuring that the cars’ tires are being sanitized properly before letting the car inside the parking so as to minimize the risk of contamination through the cars. Even the parking spaces are sprayed and cleaned with sanitizers at regular intervals.

Apart from all the excellent measures taken by the building management, there are different preventive measures that we are following inside our Coworking communities to ensure that safety and sanitization could be at the topmost level on our priority list.

Trained Crew Members

All the staff is trained in a way that they maintain social distancing and proper means of self cleanliness. The entire crew is equipped with proper face masks, face shields, hand gloves, and headgear. This ensures we give you the best of services while maintaining safety measures.

Proper Temperature Screening and Sanitization of Community members, Akasa Crew and our Visitors

We are properly screening all our community members, visitors and the entire crew of service members in order to ensure that we do not risk anybody walking in with any contamination. Also, face masks are a compulsory for everyone. Hands and bags are being sanitized before letting entry.

Contact Free Visitor Management System

To maintain a completely contact free procedure of welcoming our members, we have set up a fully customized visitor management system. Members and visitors can now use their own devices to scan the bar code at the entry point of our premises and fill up the necessary details for checking in, in a safe and hassle free manner.

Fresh Air Ventilation System

We have installed a fresh air ventilation system inside our premises to ensure that the air does not just circulate inside the premise and increases the risk of contamination. We have also installed Cassette air conditioners for each and every cabin, pantry, and reception area so that we breathe fresh and no contaminated air.

Senitization Measures

The frequently touched points inside the premises are thoroughly sanitized with proper chemicals from Johnson Diversey at very short intervals to reduce contamination at a large scale. We are using ULV Atomizers to fog up our premises with non toxic hospital grade sanitizers during the night time so that each and every corner inside our premise is being sanitized in a proper way. We have closed down our live pantry in order to reduce the risk.

Tip Ups With Service Partners

Our team has tied up with various partners who would ensure total deep cleaning and sanitization of our premises on a regular basis. Considering the safety of our members, we only trust the best sanitization service providers in the city.

Tauch Free Soap and Sanitizer Dispensers

The lesser contact we have with publicly used surfaces, the lesser we reduce the risk of contamination. For the convenience of our members, we have installed soap and sanitizer dispensers that work based on sensors to ensure that you don’t have to touch them to operate.

Smart Washrooms

We have installed touch-free water taps, soap dispensers, hand dryers, and Water Closets inside our washrooms which will ensure that no contact is done with the skin. The toilet automatically flushes itself and the toilet seats would be pulled up automatically after use, reducing the risk of surface touch contamination through the washrooms.

Hassle Free Booking Procedures and Opreational Preocedures

Our mobile application and websites will enable all our members to opt in for hassle free bookings, lodge complaint tickets, reach out to the centre managers and sales team to minimize physical meetings.

What measures could be taken up by our members to avoid the risk of contamination

We are putting the best of our efforts to ensure a reduced risk of contamination and we request all our members to help us achieve our target. We request all our members and visitors to cooperate with the building management and the AKASA Crew in order for us to ensure the best of services are provided to you in a safe manner. Please wear properly graded face masks while visiting our coworking centers so that we can ensure the maintenance of social hygiene together. Kindly install the “Arogya Setu” app as per the guidelines from the Government of India. Ensure that you maintain social distancing. In addition, we would like to kindly advise you to stay at home if you feel any sort of illness. We can only win through this pandemic if we follow the guidelines together and ensure self and social hygiene.