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How Co-Working Spaces Are Beneficial For Starts Ups Or Entrepreneurs

There is no doubt in the fact that buying a space of your own is a mammoth task that involves a lot of paperwork, a lot of research, and above all, a sack of money! Many entrepreneurs who don’t have enough funds to buy or rent a space either work from home, or put a hold on their idea of having a proper workforce to run their operations.

That is when the concept of co-working spaces comes into the picture. Cost-effective and comfortable as they are, shared office spaces are proving to be a suitable option for people who don’t have the time, effort, and money to buy a space of their own.

The commercial real estate industry has experienced a major paradigm shift, due to the rapid increase of shared office spaces. These spaces offer a huge variety of amenities at affordable rates, thus saving the startup entrepreneurs the hassle of having a personal office space to run their operations.

India’s startup ecosystem has raised the need for such workspaces, bringing along a host of coworking space advantages.

Here are some of the benefits of coworking spaces that attract entrepreneurs:

  • Flexibility in working hours and locations

One of the top advantages of coworking space is flexibility. The members of the shared workspace need not stick to long hours or as per a strict schedule. Moreover, startups have a host of membership options to pick from, without having to indulge in hefty paperwork or long office leases. The membership can be monthly, half-yearly, or even daily!

  • Professional work environment

Though the concept of ‘working from home’ might sound fun, it is not as productive as the way you’d work in a proper office. There are distractions while working from home, which in turn hampers productivity. Working among a group of people who are either freelancers or startup entrepreneurs like to will prove to be a great way for you to interact with them, while also focusing on your holistic growth.

  • Lower capital expenditure

Funding your startup is not easy, and includes a plethora of things to be taken into account. With so much to handle, high rentals would be the last thing you would want to pay. That is when you can look for the best coworking space for startups. The pay per use model of coworking spaces offers affordable rentals, depending on the number of seats you book. So, you can have a space of your own, without having to pay five times the amount!

  • Networking opportunities and community building

While working in a coworking space, you can work by yourself and achieve your targets, while also not feeling alone. For any freelancer or small business, community building can prove to be a stepping stone to enhance operations and move forward. With people across different domains and industries working under the same room, you can talk to people and build a strong network of your own! Studies have shown that many people have established strong partnerships while sharing the same coworking space.

  • Fully furnished

Coworking spaces are equipped with comfortable seating for you to be comfortable and productive at the same time. Not only that, coworking spaces also have lounges, meeting areas and receptions that align with the demands of your business. Some additional perks include high-speed internet connectivity, a fully-loaded pantryround-the-clock security, and parking space; everything that you require.

With so much to have access to, why take the burden of buying your own office?

So, what are you waiting for? Come, be a part of Akasa: a technologically-driven coworking space designed as per your needs. So, set aside the idea of working from home and say hello to a new face of professional workspaces!

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